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How To Know When Your Piercing Is Fully Healed

How To Know When Your Piercing Is Fully Healed

Following the act of getting a new piercing, there are 3 key phases that all new piercings typically undergo as a part of the healing process. Here's what to expect at each phase, and ultimately, what signs you'll encounter that indicate that the piercing has properly healed, and therefore you are ready to change out your jewelry.

Phase 1: Upon first getting your piercing done, there will likely be a period lasting 1-2 weeks during which your body is responding to the new foreign object you've decorated it with. It is common during this period for people to experience skin discoloration, tenderness, and inflammation. Many of these occurrences are linked to the fat that the cells that were damaged when getting the piercing release chemicals as the initial step towards regrowth of the skin. Jewelry cannot be changed out during this phase.

Phase 2: On the road towards skin regrowth around the fresh piercing, the body tends to form new blood vessels in order to supply blood to the tissue in the affected area and repair the damage. It is common for people who are in this phase to notice discharge and sometimes even scabs around their piercing jewelry. This process can take as long as a year (or even longer), and so it is the phase people spend the most time in while their new piercings heal. Jewelry cannot be changed out during this phase.

Phase 3: After the body has been given ample time to restore new, strong skin around the piercing, signs of complete healing may begin to come about, including an end to pain in the area, there no longer being discharge coming from the piercing, and the jewelry can be moved freely without pulling/tugging at your piercing. Keep in mind that it is better to go by a combination of these three signs to proceed with changing your jewelry out as opposed to just going by one of these signs individually.

And remember! You can always consult a reputable piercer when you may have uncertainties at any phase of your healing process. You can reach out to them with questions about how well your piercing is healing, how to deal with surprises along the way (such as irritation bumps), and you can even request that they help you change out your jewelry when your piercing is healed.

Do you have a new piercing that's healing right now? Tell us what piercing you got and what phase you're in right now. Also, feel free to check out our ever-growing selection of body jewelry that is ready for you & your awesome new piercing once you've reached phase 3!


really informational! just got my belly piercing done 1 week ago n i was scared when there was white stuff coming out 😮‍💨

im literally getting a belly button piercing just so my can but ur jewelry lol

thank you so much for this information!!!🤍

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