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Read This Before You Get Nipple Piercings

Read This Before You Get Nipple Piercings

Below are five facts about nipple piercings you should know!

Pain Level

Nipple piercings hurt like sh*t. Or maybe they don't. Literally everybody with nipple piercings tells a different story about the amount of pain they experience getting them done. Some people say one nipple hurt much more than the other. Others attest to it being a pain-free experience, while others strongly beg to differ. It's all up to your personal pain tolerance. The nipples are are sensitive area of the body, so go in with the expectation that you'll likely feel a little something, at the very least. 


How long does healing take? Similarly to the discussion about pain, it varies per person. What just about everyone can agree to is the fact that it's not quick, at all. Nipple piercings on average take between 9 months to a year to fully heal. There are some people who share that theirs healed in less than 9 months, and others who say theirs took a year and a half to two years. If your piercings take longer than 18 months to heal you may want to consult a piercer to see if there's anything you can implement into your daily cleansing routine or if you need to switch out your nipple bars.


There is much debate on the internet regarding whether nipple piercings serve as a hindrance upon breastfeeding (when the time comes that you may want a child). As we like to tell our pierced girls who are expecting, pregnancy may ruin your hot girl summer but it doesn't have to ruin your piercing! There's videos on YouTube where women go in-depth about the daily routine of being a cool mom who can balance her wants to keep the piercing and her baby's need to get their grub on. Point is-- it's definitely manageable to keep your nipple piercings while breastfeeding!

Do I Have The Nipples For It?

The short answer is yes. The most common people who ask this question are women with inverted or flat nipples. In many cases, it has been found that when they get nipple piercings, the piercings help to poke them outward a bit more, giving off a more standard appearance. If this is the look you are going for, or you simply want to enhance the appearance of that area-- you ask and you shall receive. 

What Types Of Jewelry Options Are There?

There's many different types of nipple rings to choose from. Not only do you have a selection from dainty to extravagant designs, but you also get to decide the structure of the nipple piercing jewelry you wear as well. These are three of the main types of nipple rings: nipple shields, nipple clickers, and nipple barbells.

Hopefully these five nipple piercing facts help you in your decision! Remember to be safe and do further research in case you want a deeper dive in any of these areas. Come back next week for future informational blog posts and follow our social media's at the bottom of this page.



i just noticed you started posting articles and girl..i love you! i just got my nips pierced and they hurt sm but i can’t wait to start buying some rings from your shop<3

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