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Fake Piercings: Trendy or Lame?

Fake Piercings: Trendy or Lame?

Faux piercings have grown an immense amount of recognition in the last few years, though they've been around for several decades. In fact, She Ate has led a movement towards growing more public acceptance towards faux piercings for approximately 3 years now. Our motto when it comes to faux piercings is "Body jewelry is for everyone."

Faux piercings are still rather controversial within the piercing community, as there are many piercing advocates that believe people should not bother with faking a piercing and instead hop straight into committing to a piercing. This approach can be problematic when these individuals overlook the possible reasons why some people rely on faux piercings, and urge them to "just get it pierced" in an assertive (and sometimes aggressive) manner.

Reasons why people fake piercings as opposed to getting an actual one:

-they already previously had the piercing in question, but it rejected or gave them serious complications that are not worth the risk

-decisions they make such as what to do with their bodies are still under their parents' jurisdiction (this is most common among those under 18 years of age) and their parents prohibit them from getting pierced. Also among minors, it is possible that their state's laws for age requirements with piercings & tattoos also prohibit them from getting the actual piercing done.

-they may have jobs that disallow certain visible piercings. This is also common for people who are in the military.

-the piercers in their area charge high prices

-they admire the piercing, but merely have no desire to put holes through their body to obtain it. This also includes people who have fears of needles, and therefore would rather not go through the discomfort of getting a real piercing because they genuinely do not want to.

Lastly, it many people wear faux piercing jewelry because they chose to. Nobody owes an explanation as to why they decided to do something with their body. 

What types of piercings can be faked?

-nose piercings (including nostril and septum)

-nipple piercings

-belly piercings

-ear piercings (including ear lobe and helix)

-medusa piercings

-lip piercings

Wanna see the different way sin which these piercings can be faked? Check out our faux piercing jewelry collection here to check out the versatility and style that comes with faux piercing options.


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