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Get She Ate Jewelry Named After You



 We love you guys to the moon!! We wanna show our appreciation by naming our next several releases after our supporters.

Comment your name to have one of our new releases named after you! Btw, some people like to purchase the jewelry named after them, so feel free to let us know if you'd prefer to have a certain type of a jewelry piece named after you & we'll try to accommodate this!


Please remember that we are a small brand that's fueled by your support. Please whenever you see one of our posts on social media, give us a re-share to your story :) any comments, poll votes, and re-shares help us reach more baddies like yourself! 


She Ate family xoxo

She Ate


I’m Dayna something with a D would be lovely 🫶🏽

I’d really love to see Sanaa I just be buying “S” initial necklaces because it’s hard to find my name

Omggggggg I would love to have a golden jewelry😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

My name is Na’Vianna and this sounds like a really cool idea, and I love that I’m getting to see unique names in the comments

Hi my name is Imogen and I would LOVE to see my name on one of your jewlery pieces I’d really like something silver and I’d love if it was a belly bar 🤍

Hi my name is Skye and I’d love any gold jewellery

hiii i’d love a piece named after me, buni or even my last name ceres (a planet) i don’t believe you do nipple piercings anymore unfortunately so would be so happy w a belly ring or anything maybe space themed in silver :3 love u guys!

hii can you name a belly ring or any nose jewelry after sienna i think it would be really cool

Hi, can you make one of Kailynn ( Kay-LYNN) i would prefer it to be a belly ring because i don’t want to have a nip piercing after me 😭

My name is jay-sl-een (say it fast)and I’ll loved to be name after a bracelet or gem belly ring like a pretty color pink💖

my name is essence and I’d like a ring or a necklace named after me 🙏🏽✨☺️

Hii my name is Monserrat Cardenas. A belly piercing or any jewelry piece of yours named after me would mean smmmm to me🤍

my name is chelsea and id like a belly ring named after me or a necklace

hiiiii my name is livia and i would love for a belly ring and nose ring to be named after me plsss🩷

hiii my name is ariatna or ari and I’d like a belly ring to be named after me 😊

My name is Aanika and I would likeee a belly jewelry named after me 💗

hiii my name is Tahlea. i’d love a belly ring to have my name!!

My name is ceazia and I would love a bracelet named after me

If you can name one kimberly 🙏🏼🙏🏼


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