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Get She Ate Jewelry Named After You



 We love you guys to the moon!! We wanna show our appreciation by naming our next several releases after our supporters.

Comment your name to have one of our new releases named after you! Btw, some people like to purchase the jewelry named after them, so feel free to let us know if you'd prefer to have a certain type of a jewelry piece named after you & we'll try to accommodate this!


Please remember that we are a small brand that's fueled by your support. Please whenever you see one of our posts on social media, give us a re-share to your story :) any comments, poll votes, and re-shares help us reach more baddies like yourself! 


She Ate family xoxo

She Ate


i love jewelry so this will be good for me

My middle name is Elizabeth and I love it, I think it would be a cute name for jewelry

My name is Molly-ann and i just got my belly button pierced and i would love to have a belly bar named after me

I recently got my nose pierced and it would be so lovely to have a nose stud named after me :)

My name is Nyeli. It means “I love you” in Latin 💋🖤

Yes, Cidney with a C.
a nose ring or belly ring named Cidney would be so cuteeee aaa <3

Would love a Pink heart/butterfly piece named julia!!!

My middle name is Abrianna, I think it would be really cute💞

Alice or Alisa it’s a really elegant name for a pretty jewellery🫶🏻😊

I think priscilla would be a cute name for a belly ring or maybe a ring? 🥹

I think a belly piercing called nol would be so cute! Idk if “nol” gives off more sharp and angular or cute vibes tho

I would love a belly ring or a ring named after me.My can use my first name is krystal or my middle name Lee.

The names ace or sunny i go by both and sunny especially would be so cute 😖😖

i think a belly piercing named jasmine would be nice since it’s a flower !!

My name is Destiny but I typically go by Dessii

My name is Destiny but I typically go by Dessii

Zakiyyah would be a name for a very unique piece of body jewelry.’

I think a belly ring named Kaia would be nice

I love my middle name I could see my name go with a pair of wings as a necklace.

My name is Charish (like cherish but different) . I like how it’s spelt but I’d still use it as a “Charish Me” or something along those lines. Maybe like a ring or something with a heart <3

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