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Get She Ate Jewelry Named After You



 We love you guys to the moon!! We wanna show our appreciation by naming our next several releases after our supporters.

Comment your name to have one of our new releases named after you! Btw, some people like to purchase the jewelry named after them, so feel free to let us know if you'd prefer to have a certain type of a jewelry piece named after you & we'll try to accommodate this!


Please remember that we are a small brand that's fueled by your support. Please whenever you see one of our posts on social media, give us a re-share to your story :) any comments, poll votes, and re-shares help us reach more baddies like yourself! 


She Ate family xoxo

She Ate



i’d love a ring named after me 🤭🤭🤭

Heyyyy!! I love your products so muchh. My bf does too. Everytime I get something in the mail he goes “ouuuu is that some of your new she ate jewelry”. Like if I had money to spend every day on jewelry I woulddddd!!!

I have both nostrils, belly, rook and helix pierced. I would love if any one of those jewel pieces were named after me! I’d for sure buy multiple too lmao, jus bc it’s named after me🥰 I will continue to support this amazing business!! God bless 😝🫶🏽

would love my name on any jewelry maybe anklets, bracelets or necklaces wtvr you’d like ! barely seen people with my name spelling i think it would be cute

Hi!!! I think a necklace or bracelet would fit best, but I usually go for any faux jewelry. Honestly anything with gold <3

heyy i love your brand so much i’ve only been wearing your belly rings since i’ve had my belly pierced, my name means “great one” or “mother” being a greek name. i think it would be a perfect name for a gold belly ring due to its greek origin and its english meaning being “mother” and that’s where we all started “in our mother’s belly”

my name is angelina, meaning of messenger and archangel! i love your pieces and are looking forward to order soon, most especially a belly ring or a nose ring of some sort!

Heyy!! My names Jaliyah, i would love to have jewelry with my name on it <33 Gonna order some rings soon

Heyy!! My names Londyn, and I know that my name may be common but I would love to be named after a belly ring or gold jewelry!!

Hiii!!! My name is Yamileth but I also go by yami and honestly I’d think I’d be cool to have a piece named after me!!!

Hii my name is Destiny and i would loveee to see my name with some more blinged out and def yellow gold!! i love pink and gold jewelry and more of the “extra” side! Thanks xx

Jaslene a gold necklace or belly piercing 💗😋 I’ve bought a few things from here 💗love it

Hey my name is Willianny I would love for one of your peices to be named after me I also think my name would look good with any peice because it’s a really unique name just like sheate jewelry🎀🎀

I’ve followed you guys for years and have ordered several times!! My name is on Aztec decent and means “I love you” or “I am yours” 🫶🏻

hiii! i’m aimee! i love all your guys designs/pieces they are adorable x

I would love to have anything you make named after me. Everything is so beautiful.

Hiiii! My name is Sariyah but I go by Dess (either is fine), I really like your pieces and can’t wait to buy some. My favorite pieces are the necklaces.

Naielle is a pretty & unique name combination I came up with from different names. I figured I would use it for a baby girls name whenever I have a daughter. Pretty & unique like my name Mi’Asia (pronounced “My” & the continent Asia). Anyways hope you all have a wonderful day 🫶🏾🩵

My names alaina and honestly I’ve never seen it on any jewelry that’s local so I’d love it if you added alaina to any future jewelry 💕

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