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Get She Ate Jewelry Named After You



 We love you guys to the moon!! We wanna show our appreciation by naming our next several releases after our supporters.

Comment your name to have one of our new releases named after you! Btw, some people like to purchase the jewelry named after them, so feel free to let us know if you'd prefer to have a certain type of a jewelry piece named after you & we'll try to accommodate this!


Please remember that we are a small brand that's fueled by your support. Please whenever you see one of our posts on social media, give us a re-share to your story :) any comments, poll votes, and re-shares help us reach more baddies like yourself! 


She Ate family xoxo

She Ate


Dahlia would be cute for a necklace or maybe a ring

love your shop! i’d totally buy a kate belly ring!

Hello! I love you guys and have been loving you guys since day 1!

My name is Elysa! I also go by Sasa hehe 💞

elaina, or Stephanie for my sister would be cool !💞

hi she ate, my name is junie 🫧

Alexis :)

brooke would be insanely cute for a ring js

You guys should totally use Misty or Micah, my middle! Maybe for a pair of earrings :)

alani pls!!

My name is Faith!! I love u guys’ shop

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