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Read This Before Getting Back Dermals

Read This Before Getting Back Dermals

Back dermals are an extremely popular piercing that many people gravitate towards in their consideration for what types of piercings they would be open to getting. It is important however to be an informed consumer before diving straight into beginning the process of getting this piercing done. This blog will cover the good, the bad, and the ugly as well as some quick facts that answer your burning questions about this iconic piercing.

Pain Level for Back Dermals

Let's hop straight into things and address one of people's most common questions: what is the pain like getting this piercing done?

Though pain is something that fluctuates greatly among various people who differ in pain tolerance, this type of piercing among other dermal piercings are ranked on the higher side in terms of pain level. Different factors that may contribute to how much pain the piercing entails include your sensory nerve distribution, the thickness of your dermis layer, as well as whether your piercer uses a dermal punch or needle.

Can I Change the Jewelry?

Whether or not you will be able to change your jewelry or keep the standard jewelry for as long as you have the piercing depends on whether your piercer uses anchors or divers when doing the piercing. Divers Are a type of jewelry that come as a whole that are inserted into dermal piercings. You cannot change out your back dermal piercing if you had divers installed– you would need to take out the divers altogether since it does not come in pieces. Anchors on the other hand are a piece of dermal jewelry that includes  a small piece that sticks out of your back allowing for a screw top to be screwed on it. You can change your dermal piercing jewelry out when you have anchors but it is strongly recommended to go to a piercer to have this done. Keep in mind also, another key distinction between anchors and divers is that because anchors have a “foot” or base that must be placed securely in your piercing (see image below), this typically entails more bleeding while getting your piercing done than installing divers.

How Long Does It Take To Heal?

Most people’s dermal piercings heal anywhere between 4 weeks and 6 months, with 4 months being average. Good hygiene, good health, going to a reputable piercer, and Leaving your piercings alone as much as possible are all good practices to facilitate a healing process that is not prolonged. 

What is it Like Having Back Dermals?

They are a super cute piercing to have, and definitely a fun one to flaunt, especially in the warmer seasons! Keep in mind, just like most other piercings, back dermals may snag on your clothing (or long hair) from time to time. This can be pretty painful when occurring while it’s still fresh. Because of their location, they aren’t the easiest piercing to clean regularly, but when they are well-maintained, they look A-MAZING. That is, as long as your body doesn’t reject them. Some signs of possible rejection may include: the jewelry not sitting properly or appearing to be sticking out unusually, hardening of the skin around your jewelry, or the piercing holes have widened. All in all, back dermals are a stylish body modification that will become your latest conversation starter and take your self-expression to a whole new level. May the piercing odds forever be in your favor with this trendy piercing, as it requires substantial commitment and care.

If this information was useful, be sure to check out the vast selection of piercing jewelry we carry to size up what you may consider decorating yourself with when your piercings have healed! 


I’ve been wanting my back dermals pierced for the past few weeks, this brief explanation was really helpful to me.

Super useful information, thank you🙏🏽 I was wondering if I could have back dermals and still use high waisted pants? I was told that I could have the dermals higher if my anatomy allows it

Great article — super informative!

I am so happy with the brief explanation of this piercing since I want it so badly. Thank you for the information.

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