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She Ate Slumber Party🍿

You’re invited to She Ate’s 2021 Virtual Slumber Party!

We’ll be playing never have I ever, hearing the craziest story times, & winning cash & She Ate gift cards!💕

You must be 18+ or have an adult’s permission if you’re a minor.

The virtual slumber party starts at 9 PM EST on Thursday, 12/23🎀.

To join you must request to follow our exclusive page, @sheateexclusive on IG. The page will go live at the above start time. DM our official page @shopsheate crazy story submissions about relationships, embarrassing moments, or any topic you’d like! Best story read on live wins the $100 cash prize!💰 Other ppl will win $50 She Ate gift cards for their entertaining stories, too!

See you there!