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5 Tips For When Your Belly Piercing Just Won't Heal

5 Tips For When Your Belly Piercing Just Won't Heal

 A little birdy told us your having some trouble in belly piercing paradise... no worries, that's what we're here for!

Factors like stress, inadequate diet, illness, or poor quality jewelry can lengthen the healing time. Multivitamins (such as vitamin C and zinc), clean clothes and bedding, good nutrition and exercise can promote thorough healing and minimize your chances of getting an infection.

Here are five recommendations for anyone whose belly piercing isn't progressively healing normally:

  1. Your piercing should be cleaned twice a day, but try not to exceed this unless dirt or sweat has gotten into it. Too much cleansing may inhibit the body's natural ability to prevent infections. Remember to always wash your hands before touching the piercing.
  2. Apply a salt solution (1/2 tsp. sea salt to one cup water) to your piercing for 3-4 minutes to soak off dried material that may cause internal damage. Clean the piercing with a soap that has antibacterial agents. Apply the soap directly to the jewelry and rotate it through the piercing for 60 seconds. Rinse thoroughly, ensuring that there is no soap residue left in the piercing. Pat dry and apply moisturizer to the skin around the pierce.
  3. Avoid soaps or moisturizers with strong scents or contain animal fats. Also avoid disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide alcohol. Alcohol has actually been found to damage healing skin and thus slow the healing process.
  4. To treat infection, apply a small amount of antibiotic ointment to the pierce. Remove all excess ointment to make sure that the pierce is well-ventilated.
  5. Application of warm compresses can also soothe your piercing if it is irritated. Severe infections may require oral antibiotics, which must be prescribed by your physician.

Bonus tip: Don't change your belly piercing to heavier or dangle belly button jewelry until your piercing has completely healed inside and out. At She Ate, where the jewelry never basic, we put safety first with this recommendation. If your belly piercing is fully healed, check out our array of beautiful belly rings that allow you to express yourself any way you'd like here!

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