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How to Figure Out Your Ring Size At Home

How to Figure Out Your Ring Size At Home

Many people walk around everyday admiring beautiful rings while not having the slightest clue what size they wear. It's also a common misconception that you can simply buy rings in the same size as when you were last measured, ten years ago. Our fingers can change in size seasonally, yearly, and certainly in a decade! Make sure you're saving time and money by getting as accurate of a sizing as possible with these two at home methods.


1. Grab the floss!

For this method, you'll need a piece of floss, a marker, and a tape measurer or standard ruler. The steps are easy, and if it works better for you, you can ask someone to lend you a hand. Take the floss and wrap it around your finger - don't put your finger in a chokehold with the floss, lightly wrap it in a way that mimics the hold of a ring. Mark a line or dot where the piece of floss starts and stops on your finger. Unwrap the floss from around your finger and align it with the measuring device of your choice. Use the ring sizing chart below to see which lengths correlate with which ring sizes.

2. Use a ring you have already

If you already have a ring that you wear and find fits comfortably, then you can use it to help determine your ring size. Use this ring sizing guide to place you ring on top of the diagram to compare it with the ring sizes shown. Here is a ring sizing diagram you can use with more detailed instructions.

If this helped, then you should be ready to show your fingers some love and cover them in some new, high quality jewelry!

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