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Whispers of Cupid Layered Necklace and Ring Set


We have run out of stock for this item.

Introducing our enchanting Whispers of Cupid Necklace Layered Necklace and Ring Set, a divine addition to our Valentine's Day collection that captures the essence of love and transformation. As you release a delicate butterfly, symbolizing change and beauty, you embrace the spirit of renewal and the metamorphosis of love.

Each intricately designed necklace features a graceful butterfly pendant, representing the delicate dance of emotions that flutter in the heart. The ethereal charm of angel numbers graces the second necklace, adding a touch of celestial guidance to your love story. Together, they create a harmonious symphony, echoing the magical connection shared between two parts of the soul.

But that's not all. To complete this enchanting collection, we've added an adjustable heart ring – a symbolic token of the love that binds hearts together. Crafted with the same meticulous attention to detail as the necklaces, the heart ring is a tangible reminder of the love that wraps around your finger, connecting seamlessly with the butterfly and angelic charms.

Photo shown is an animated visual of this set