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Vday Belly Ring Bundle Pack Pre-Order


Introducing our adorable Valentine's Day Belly Ring Bundle Pack – a curated collection that celebrates love and adds a touch of sensuality to your style. Embrace the spirit of romance with a set of belly rings adorned with heart-inspired designs, perfect for expressing your unique personality.

Delight in the playful allure of our "Lick Me" belly ring, a daring choice that adds a hint of cheekiness to your Valentine's Day ensemble. For those who prefer a subtle and elegant look, our simple pink pearl-colored non-dangle belly ring effortlessly complements any outfit.

Elevate your look with our open heart belly rings featuring sparkling cubic zirconia stones. These intricately designed pieces symbolize the brilliance of your love, making them a stunning addition to your Valentine's jewelry collection.

Capture a nostalgic feeling with our "Juicy" belly ring, adorned with a pink heart that evokes sweet memories. This unique piece adds a touch of whimsy to your ensemble, creating a conversation starter that reflects the joy of love.

Celebrate Valentine's Day with style and flair – our Belly Ring Bundle Pack is the perfect way to express your individuality while embracing the spirit of love. Elevate your look and make a statement that resonates with the romantic essence of this special day.

Consists of 6 belly bars

Each navel ring has a 3/8" bar, is made of 316L surgical steel, and is 14 gauge.

Pre-order ships in 1-2 weeks