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Why TikTok Is Essential For Your Business In 2021

Many small businesses have seen an immense amount of growth since they began marketing on TikTok. The video-only app forces business owners to adapt to a space of exercising creativity in ways they may have not once imagined.

What does TikTok do that other platforms don't do?

Unlike other popular social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok allows for a more authentic reach to potential audience members. Also, unlike Instagram, where you can snap a quick photo, accompany it with a cool caption and post it to make people perceive you in a way that you are not, TikTok has amassed a community that values genuineness and transparency. This is an advantage for authentic brands that have considered whether or not TikTok would be the right place to find people that would value their company.

Why does this matter?

It is important to have a loyal following for your business. We all have companies that we would defend if they were thrown under the bus at some point, or just companies we love in their every aspect. At the end of the day, it is likely that in staying consistent on TikTok you will find an audience that rocks with your business through the ups and downs.

In conclusion, because of the way in which TikTok allows its creators and the general audience to connect, it encourages the building of strong, lasting relationships between business owners and their supporters. Without solid support, we as businesses crumble. And that is why you should be working on growing your business' TikTok for 2021.

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